Caring for Your Virgin Hair Wigs

Your wig may not technically be real hair, but you certainly want it to look as much like it as possible.  While it’s not the same as real living hair you still need to give your virgin hair some attention and look after it, much like your own hair.  If you want your wig to last for years while maintaining its shine and body then how you take care of it will be the key to making it last.  Let’s look at how you can look after your virgin hair wig.

Prep Work

Before you wash your wig there are some step you need to take to get it ready.  First and foremost use only products that are meant for lace frontal wigs, drugstore products are not ideal.  Brush out tangles ahead of time and then you are ready to get started.

Washing Your Wig

Rinse your wig first in warm or cool water and apply a small drop of the right shampoo to the hair but try and avoid the scalp area.  Don’t rub like you would your own hair.  Grab a wide tooth comb like shown here and comb the shampoo through the hair.  You can apply some of the soapy water inside the wig to clean the cap, but don’t scrub.  Rinse your wig with cool water starting at the top and working your way down.  Gently blot the wig with a towel to get rid of excess water.  Apply a bit of conditioner to the ends so you can get rid of tangles and knots when you try and comb it.  Rinse the conditioner thoroughly.  Here is a look at the process.

Drying Your Wig

Once you are done washing it the first thing you want to do is to gently blot the wig with a towel to get rid of the excess water.  Your best bet is the let your wig dry naturally on a wig stand, drying it with a blow dryer will damage the lace.  If you are styling your wig you can use rollers.

Styling Your Wig

Styling a wig isn’t quite like styling human hair, you need a specific brush and comb that are meant for wigs, regular brushes can pull the hair and cause damage.  If you have static in your wig just mist it with some water to get rid of the static.  There are styling products available specifically for styling wigs like wig mousse.  Your wig comes with a basic cut, but your styling options are completely up to you.  You can use tools like curling irons, flat irons or even a hair dryer just use them on lower settings so you don’t burn the hair.